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The new Euro Street Series coilover by Megan Racing has proven to be a favored choice by BMW E30 owners.  Previous to the release of the Euro Street Series, few options were offered for E30 enthusiasts.  The Euro Street Series is based off of the Street-Series coil-over line-up and uses similar specifications and design.

32 levels of damper force adjustment, separate spring perch height and shock length adjustment allowing you to retain full suspension stroke and to fine tune your suspension characteristics.  Compression and rebound settings are easily adjusted through a single damper adjustment knob which is built-in at the top of the damper mount for easy access.  

The system requires minor fabrication of the front struts to be installed.  In the case of the 325e, the stock strut housing measures at 51mm.  The coilover brought in has an inner dimention of 45mm.  So we quickly adapted some a sleeve to accomodate the new strut. 

Keep in mind.  Megan Racing offers the option of both 45mm and 51mm for the E30 Euro Street Series.  In this case, the 45mm sleeve took care of the issue with no problem.

The new coilover was welded on, and ready for install.

After all was said and done, the Megan Racing coilover enabled us to send home another happy customer.  



APPLICATION: BMW E30 3-series with 45mm or 51mm Front Strut outer diameter
Does not fit AWD models.

NOTE: All 6-cylinder E30 models (3-series 84-91)and the 90-91 318i/is/ic models (with the M42 4-cylinder) use the larger front strut diameter. For US models, only the 84-85 318i models use the smaller size strut tube.

*Usage of lower offset aftermarket front wheels is recommended. If stock front wheels are used with this coil-over system, 0.5" wheel spacers are recommended for clearance. 

F: 62mm ID; 200mm length; 8kg/mm
R: 62mm ID; 135mm length; 8kg/mm

F: 120mm stroke; 280mm length; M2 valving code
R: 150mm stroke; 250mm length; 44R01 valving code

- 32 Levels of Damper Force Adjustment

- Rubber Upper Mounts

- Rubber Dust Boots

- Adjustable Ride Height

- Aggressive Spring Rates

- Single-Cylinder Design

- Aluminum Brackets

32 Levels of Adjustment:

1-8: Suggested for track use.
9-16: Suggested for mountain/aggressive use.
17-32: Suggested for common street use.

- All coil-over damper kits come with 1-year manufacturer-defect warranty.

- All Hardware is Included

MSRP $999.00

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