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FRS (ZN6) Simple Goodies Installation

  • Perrin Crank Pulley 
  • OEM Rear Spoiler
  • Eibach Pro-kit Lowering Springs


This will be our first blog on the resurrected 86! We worked on countless AE86s and older corollas in the past so working on a new vehicle like this is always new territory to be claimed. We will now begin our reign...


Perrin Crank Pulley

As you can see, the FA20 clustered with parts on the surface that prevents us to getting to our objective. 



From the removal of parts, it required your typical sockets and wrenches. But no doubt that Massive air box had to go.


100 pounds were lost after the removal of parts. Just kidding. But it does look much cleaner. Air intake system removed.

Belt removed and prepped for surgery.

We now begin to apply a special crank pulley remover and the magic shop rag.

Removing the pulley can be a sucker. luckily this tool showed that pulley how it's done.

As you can see, there was oil near the center, which is normal. However, that crank pulley weighed a ton!

On a comparison note, the Perrin crank pulley showed significant weight difference. OEM was found to be 4.9 pounds and Perrin was found to be 1.2 pounds of 6061T6 billet aluminum. Furthermore, the design of the Perrin made sure it had better flow of air as well as quicker response on revolutions per minute.



Hand screwed and then torqued down to specifications. And there you have it, Perrin Crank Pulley installed and ready to go, even though you can't see it...


OEM Rear Spoiler

Test fitting the OEM spoiler.


Linh, the master mechanic, begins to use his keen eyes to pinpoint mounting point for our template.

Template completed and we begin our next surgery.

We will be very honest on drilling. It was a scary sound to be heard on a new car, but we did it with ease. Hold the drill steady and we were golden.

After, we drilled through the top and enlarged the holes at the bottom. We needed to situate nuts in order to secure the wing.

Nice and smooth circumference.

Look who showed up to our facility. Max's LS460 VIP style.

Crazy 6-inch lip. But back to the installation...

Spoiler is installed and it looks spot on. This completes our second objective and now onto the lowering springs installation.


EIBACH Pro-KIT Lowering Springs

We now begin to remove nut and bolts at the rear of the suspension. 

Wheels removed and bolts are loosened near the arms.

Front suspension struts are also removed.

Stock springs removed safely and lowering compressed onto struts by our certified mechanic Hilton.

new settled in springs and strut bolted back in the chassis and ready to go.


The Aftermath, after installing the lowering springs there is a 1.0" to 1.5" drop as stated by Eibach. If you are on a budget, this is a great modification for all FT86s.

Once all was settled, we test drove the beast to find any flaws and improvements. Overall, the Perrin crank pulley made a difference in response as well as the feel for suspension as it felt more nimble and stiffer, yet still retained its comfortable driving experience. As for the wing, it just looked cool...


Thanks for reading, we will keep you updated on more cars and mods!




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