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The Nismo 400R Coilover Install: Nissan Skyline BCNR33

One of the cleanest, legal BCNR33 finds more NISMO "lovin." Andy's Skyline is one of a kind to many car enthusiasts all over and definitely supported by the legacy of the GT-R's history. For this particular Skyline, it is equipped with many NISMO goodies and with addition of his NISMO 400R coilovers makes this GT-R more to love.

NISMO 400R Coilovers

  • Front: 7 kg•f/mm
  • Rear: 8 kg•f/mm
  • Vehicle height reduced by 30mm
  • Bilstein gas damping, stationary type
  • Circlip shock absorbers


The NISMO logo is integrated in the Bilstein coilover for authentication.

The original NISMO logo is even placed on the springs. 8KG load rear spring. 

BEFORE: Stock Height

Stock height on NISMO LMGT-1s, rare wheels that come on the NISMO 400R.

The Removal and Installation:

18x10JJ +20 NISMO LMGT-1s with the rare RAYS Engineering cap. These wheels orginally came on the NISMO 400R. 

Such a beautiful rear. Not typical to see a V-Spec R33 on a lift since there were only 6,551 made.

Original R33 shocks with very low miles.

The comparison. The Bilstein shock has a thicker tubing for better reliability and strength. The GT-R shock is made of a lighter alloy material compared the steel Bilstein. Thus, the Bilstein is much heavier.

While removing the rear seats, it felt like we entered a out the factory showroom vehicle. The interior smelled like it just got off the production line while the little trim pieces remained immaculate. As soon as the comfortable JDM seats were removed, we found some similarities with Nissan Silvia S14 or 240sx.


After Andy test drove the car, he mentioned that the suspension rode more stiff but still retained its comfort. Overall, everything went swell and now has a more meaner look. We hope he is enjoying his ride!

Thanks for looking!

- JER Development 

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