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There's really not much to video to tell you the truth. We tested it also on my 03.5 and it works. Procedure again:

(With car strapped to dyno)

1) Start Car (Hood did NOT need to be closed on 6MT, will need to be closed on SMG or sensors bypassed)
2) Shut off DSC (nothing special, we did just a 2 second push)
3) Drive car thru first few gears up to ~4k RPMs (we went all the way to 4th)
4) Put car in neutral, shut car off, ONLY TURN KEY ONE POSITION BACK TO ACC NOT ALL THE WAY OFF
5) Immediately restart car while rear wheels still spinning
6) Release clutch, shift to preferred gear for dyno pull (we used both 4th and 5th)
7) Let motor spin down to preferred run start RPM
8) Perform pull
9) Profit!

A few notes we ran into.

Note 1: This technique WILL throw the front wheel speed sensor codes triggering the christmas tree of lights (ABS, BRAKE, ETC). We did NOT have an issue making another run even with the lights on.

Note 2: IMPORTANT After each dyno pull the technique MUST BE REPEATED unless you do not allow the rear wheels to stop spinning between pulls, AKA immediately perform pulls one after another. Every time the rear wheels stop spinning the system resets and once again the 6100 rpm rev limited is activated.


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Would be cool if there was a video.



 I wanna do a base run on my E46 M3. Let me know when you have time this month Linh so I can bring my car over to get Dyno'ed.  M POWERRRRR.........

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